Spirit Airlines lost baggage

It’s Probably More Efficient to Walk to Your Destination Than Fly Spirit Airlines

Virgin America Baggage Services
Virgin America’s baggage services seem to have little to do
JetBlue Baggage Services
JetBlue’s baggage service department seems under control
Spirit Airlines lost baggage
Spirit Airlines, somehow not surprisingly, seems to keep much busier losing their passengers’ luggage
Spirit Airlines no leg room, fees
I’m short and my knees hit the seat in front of me; and, yes, Spirit considers even a glass of water an upgrade.

Most of my posts are a bit more detailed; but this post will be short and sweet. Out of the three times I’ve flown on Spirit Airlines, Spirit is three for three in being delayed. My first two exposures to this dreadful excuse for an airline resulted in delays of three plus hours. As I sit here at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, the flight is slated as being 34 minutes late. I can only hope that will be the extent of the delay. One might ask me why I chose to fly Spirit Airlines again after the first two miserable experiences. Yes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. My answer is that I most certainly did not subject myself to this horrible airline of my own volition; I was booked by my company for travel to Chicago for training for my new position.  There is nothing pleasant about the Spirit Airlines experience. I paid the surcharge to bring a carry-on bag on the plane as well as another surcharge to have an assigned seat. I’m concerned that if we do eventually take off, they won’t allow me to breathe on the plane, as I neglected to pay a surcharge for on board oxygen. I’m all for saving money while traveling, whether for business or pleasure. However, Spirit rarely results in a savings of dollars, and the expense of your time and frustration is NOT worth the few nickels you may save on a discounted flight. Caveat emptor.


4 thoughts on “It’s Probably More Efficient to Walk to Your Destination Than Fly Spirit Airlines”

  1. Do you recall when they floated the idea of charging passengers to use the restrooms on board? I had really hoped they would test the brilliant new revenue stream and see how many people soiled their seats to save some money.

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  2. Boy, does this post speak to me! I hate spirit airlines! I was drawn to it by the discounted prices and two Christmas’s ago my flight was completed cancelled..CANCELLED..and they had nothing to offer me but a flight home AFTER the holidays. Um, no thank you. Not only that, but the money you allegedly “Save” from the ticket price comes back with all the hidden fees for carrying a bag so in the end it comes out to equal a ticket on another, more reliable airline like Jet Blue. Anyway, I ended up renting a car and driving from NYC to Chicago to make it home for the holidays and that was the last time I gave Spirit Airlines a try.

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    1. It’s amazing that Spirit Airlines (and I use the terminology “airlines” loosely!) is still in business given their (rightfully earned) abysmal reputation. As in my case, and that of everyone I spoke with in line at security, in the terminal and on the plane, people seem to fly Spirit out of limited options, having flight arrangements made by employers or as a result of being owed a credit by Spirit. Practically universally, people claim for it to be the last time they’ll every fly Spirit. I sure hope this last flight will be my final encounter with this sorry excuse for an airline.


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