Travel planning questions

The Question Words of Travel

I’ve been finding myself struggling ad nauseam with the conundrum of how to approach the planning of my next much anticipated vacation. Normally, I’m not so indecisive and without direction of my next steps, but with so many variables undefined, I was having trouble determining the best angle from which to attack the travel planning process. Then, I suddenly had an epiphany that I need to break the details down into simplistic terms, which should start with the question words — Who? What? Where? When? Why? Which? and How? — not necessarily in that order.

  • Who? — I kept going back to the “Who?” question since several friends have expressed interest in participating in my next vacation plan. After the inability to solidify plans to date, I believe I’ve finally nailed down my travel buddy (not literally, of course) for my upcoming vacation….so I’m happy to be able to move on to the rest of the travel question words which will preface the answers that will formulate my trip’s ultimate execution. So…. YAY!
  • What? — What do I want to do on the trip? My only answer at this point is that I want do do something(s) new and different. Other than that, my “What?” is largely flexible.
  • Where? — Oh, that, of course, is now the question of the hour. Similar to my quest to do something new, I also want to visit somewhere I’ve never been or that I’ve not been since I was young, as going as an adult would be a vastly different experience. The list is reasonably long, but slowly narrowing.
  • When? — Besides the “Who?” question, this is also asked and answered, at least to a general range… A Christmas trip, it is!
  • Why? — Well, duh! Because there is nothing better than traveling.
  • Which? — Which way should we go? Hmmmm. Hopefully, we won’t make a wrong left turn at Albuquerque.
  • How? — Trains? Planes? Automobiles? There will most certainly be some combination of these three options, potentially with some other responses to the “How?” mixed in.

Now that the critical question words have been applied to my upcoming trip, I’d best get going to fill in the remaining blanks.


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