Student Agency Bus from Prague to Vienna

After researching various mechanisms for transport between Prague and Vienna, I had opted for Student Agency bus service after having read comparative reviews on TripAdvisor. From what I read, it seemed that travel time (just under 5 hours) and fare (19 Euros) were comparable for train or bus travel between Prague and Vienna. The reviews did, however, make mention that the comfort level on Student Agency bus service was a bit superior to that of the train.

As I’m writing this on the bus en route to Vienna, I have to say that I was not led wrong by the reviews on TripAdvisor. The bus is quite new, with touch screen TVs at each seat. There is an onboard attendant who offers beverage service, headphones and reading material. Wifi is even available on the bus so that bloggers can post about their bus ride mid-trip! The bus even offers electrical outlets for those in need of electronic device recharge.

Another reason I opted for Student Agency bus service for my son’s and my travel to Vienna from Prague was on account of the proximity of Florenc bus station to our hotel in Prague, the Hilton Old Town. While everything in Prague is quite accessible via public transport, I figured hauling our luggage on and off of a tram or up and down platforms of metro lines would be something of a hassle. Florenc was literally a 10 minute walk from the Old Town Hilton.

Our bus arrived at platform 1 shortly after 8:00 am for loading bags and passengers for the scheduled 8:30 am departure. The driver pulled out of Florenc at 8:31 am. I believe the attendant mentioned the bus would be making a short rest stop at 11:30 am to allow passengers to stretch their legs and, I imagine, to utilize the facilities.

While our ride aboard Student Agency’s bus is still underway, so far, so good. And now I’m going to sign off so that I can enjoy the view some more as we traverse the Czech countryside.



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