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Prague Hilton Old Town

I’m not always the biggest fan of staying in American style hotels overseas, since my preference is typically to stay in a more local style “boutique” hotel, but I do tend to lean toward Hilton brand hotels if I’m able to utilize my Hilton Honors points to save a few bucks whilst traveling. I have to say that out of the many Hilton brand hotels I’ve visited nationally and internationally, I think my stay at the Prague Hilton Old Town may very well be my best Hilton experience to date. While our room is not the largest, it’s definitely comfortable and efficiently laid out.

The hotel itself is in a convenient location, but what sets this Hilton apart from the pack are the Honors membership benefits and how they are executed. As with many of the Hilton brand hotels, we were set up on an Honors floor, dedicated to members. Like many Hilton brand hotels, the Prague Hilton Old Town offers an executive lounge to members, in-room refreshments, free wifi, free breakfast in the lounge or lobby restaurant, practically around-the-clock refreshments in the lounge including a full bar and food service; what’s different about this Hilton is not only the extensive benefits to members, but also the level of service to Honors members.

It’s been practically uncomfortable having the staff members wait on us hand over foot, as they are attentive to a fault. The attendants are friendly and helpful, not allowing you to fill your own wine glass (it’s self-serve), and when they serve, they are most certainly not serving with skimping in mind. The lounge is well stocked and has a great variety of food and beverage from early breakfast starting at 6 am all the way through 10:30 pm. And, yes, many hotels around the globe have fancier lounges and executive service for their hotel member guests, but I can’t imagine that the attendants in even the ritziest hotels could possibly offer the same level of service AND friendliness as the staff at the Prague Hilton Old Town.

I unfortunately also needed some special assistance from the executive lounge concierge staff, as my son was in need of emergency dental work. I was a bit panicked about what to do or even where to start trying to figure out whom to call or where to go. Fortunately, I had my wits about me enough to seek assistance from the executive lounge staff. Within minutes, the lounge concierge had made arrangements for my son to visit a dentist at 5:30 pm that day (today, 12/20/14…on a Sunday to boot) at a modern dental office right across the street from the hotel.

I was concerned about the dentist showing up on a Sunday late afternoon, but his assistant and he were both punctual and friendly. I hope that nobody reading this becomes in need of emergency dental service whilst vacationing in Prague, but if you ever do, Dr. Imrich Bajza and his assistant Romana at Millennium Dental Care were efficient, communicative and obviously most importantly provided top notch dental work for my son.

I can’t thank the staff at the Prague Hilton Old Town enough for all of their attentiveness during our stay, but most importantly for helping me in a time of need. Our next stop on our vacation will be at the Hotel Mercure Wien City in Vienna, and I’m a bit pessimistic about our stay there, as I can’t imagine it being close to living up to our stay in Prague. The Hilton Budapest City is on our agenda for our final stop on this trip. The staff there will have a high standard to live up to after our pleasant stay at the Prague Hilton Old Town.